Distracted Realism

Last night I had a dream

Ghost, goblins bullies attacking me

Somewhere in between this dream I woke, scream bloody terror cry, am I here or died

Flicker  the light, touched upon my face

Make sure everything is in place

Place my hands over my chest

To feel my heart race.


Looked all around  and things were the same

I was dozing off.

sounds led to a small closet but inside,no one there.

except now I’m getting scared.


Flash backs ran though my mind, realizing is truth

used to hide everyday, realize is time to really go to bed, safe

 Going inside this closet, curl into a ball.

Praying  to the Lord as I did when I was very small .


Hear the same cry right

Behind my ear.

See this bright light with

And my body laying there.


My love for Poetry, Maya Angelo response



What I would do in telling the truth
wake up go to that line tell them everything is fine
what I would do express my name clear it now or forever ashamed

longest road ever  took 
 now I sit here like a  broken bird, toad that doesn’t croak
Sadness overcame tears like cascade waterfalls 
 eternally rained

Regain momentum again
limits un-test, chains untied
 truth be told no more lies!Image


I am sad so depressed job market is such a stress
tried to get up fail to see I am not the only one my neighbor, next person not only me.

Please, please help me my kids need some type of stability
didn’t have the many opportunities came from within these walls, others outside trying to make it from just a crawl

drowning in cries, willing to sacrifice my dignity and pride
Older I need some belief
Are you listening to my pleas?Image






If I won lotto how great it can be

Treated like a golden celebrity

Happy faces, glazed eyes,

 Money, money, more more, to entice

Feeling so superficial, Spending my dime

Drinking my champagne, Feeling the lime light

If I won the lottery, Momma would be safe, Daddy would be free

My brother would stop hanging at the corner, My sisters would finally listen to me

Life would be less stressed,  Working the minimum wage would cease

I can finally have part of the great American dream.



Description of” Momma”



She struggles

 So different so strong

Huge responsibility

 So much other would break easily


When I am weak, she picks me up

Hugs me tight, Holds me close

 And tells me it’s gonna be alright, I will see


Sick on some days, like the light never shines

But she is the greatest,  Her words are never lies


some may come, others can go

but momma, is there everywhere  I grow.



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